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We will give you the closure you need to heal your family.

I have spent seventeen years working with families in contested situations. When families fight in court, children and their custodians lose. They lose the ability to coparent, relationships with friends, tens of and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more—for what? I come up with Parenting Plans that work for children and help adults in relationships cut to the chase. Let me help you solve your family law problems efficiently, effectively, with compassion, and without going to court.

"The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but how we respond to them."

Thomas Crum

We are focused on your future.

Attorney Carrie Hackett serves as a Guardian ad Litem and a mediator. As a Guardian ad Litem, Carrie assists families in working through parenting schedules that best suit their children. As a mediator, she helps both sides in any family law situation make compromises they can live with that serve their family so they can start a new, positive, hopeful chapter in their lives.

We believe working in a contested way creates problems.

Hackett Family Resolutions, LLC was formed to solve family problems and that is all we do.


A mediator is a neutral professional who assists people involved in a conflict with coming to an agreement to resolve that conflict. In her mediation practice, Carrie works with lawyers, their clients, and pro se parties to divide assets and debts, resolve custody disputes, and resolve child support and alimony disputes. Carrie has also mediated many cases involving families that do not involve divorce. Examples of those mediations are mediations between grandparents and parents, legitimation cases, and cases involving children and third party or equitable caregivers. Carrie’s extensive litigation practice assists her in informing parties about the risks of litigation and helping them come to an agreement that is likely more specifically tailored to them than the outcome they might receive from a Court. Carrie has been certified as a mediator since 2012 and has mediated hundreds of cases.



A Guardian ad Litem is a person appointed by a Court, usually through consent of both parents, and entrusted to investigate and make recommendations to parents, and ultimately to a Court about what parenting time and decision-making situation would best serve the children in the family. A Guardian ad Litem meets with and gets to know all parents and caregivers, performs home visits at the parents’ home where she interacts with the child(ren), talks with doctors, teachers, therapists, and friends and family members involved in the children’s lives, and reviews pleadings and any other documents provided by the parents or their lawyers. A Guardian ad Litem may also research various school, medical and psychological conditions or learning challenges, and any other issue that could impact the children in a particular case. Carrie has been a trained and active Guardian ad Litem since 2014. The vast majority of cases Carrie has made recommendations for have settled well before trial. However, in the event of a trial, Carrie is a seasoned advocate for children and has been subject to cross-examination many times.


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When I first set out to find a lawyer to counsel me through my divorce, I did not expect to find someone so caring and understanding as I did competent and confident. Carrie was always quick to respond to me and my concerns as well as a good listener. She was patient with me throughout the process. She spoke wonderfully on my behalf when negotiations were required and gave thoughtful and helpful ideas where compromise was inevitable. And even those compromises didn’t leave me feeling stuck or at a loss. Divorce is a hard process and she made it as simple and painless as possible. The financial commitment was absolutely worth every penny and I appreciated the extreme consideration where charges were concerned. I am unbelievably impressed by Carrie. Hiring Carrie was the absolute best decision I made regarding my divorce and I recommend her to anyone.

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Come to my well-appointed East Cobb office and enjoy a catered lunch and snacks as we work to resolve your family law problems. I have multiple conference rooms to accommodate your privacy and needs. I am also happy to come to you! I work at Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers and at the offices of other attorneys. Schedule your day with me and let me know where you would like for me to handle your family law mediation.