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Areas of Practice

Mediation helps families meet in the middle to resolve their issues before they destroy their trust and goodwill. Mediation provides for closure and future happiness.

A mediator is a neutral professional who assists people involved in a conflict with coming to an agreement to resolve that conflict. In her mediation practice, Carrie works with lawyers, their clients, and pro se parties to divide assets and debts, resolve custody disputes, and resolve child support and alimony disputes. Carrie has also mediated many cases involving families that do not involve divorce. Examples of those mediations are mediations between grandparents and parents, legitimation cases, and cases involving children and third party or equitable caregivers. Carrie’s extensive litigation practice assists her in informing parties about the risks of litigation and helping them come to an agreement that is likely more specifically tailored to them than the outcome they might receive from a Court. Carrie has been certified as a mediator since 2012 and has mediated hundreds of cases.

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Come to my well-appointed East Cobb office and enjoy a catered lunch and snacks as we work to resolve your family law problems. I have multiple conference rooms to accommodate your privacy and needs. I am also happy to come to you! I work at Alternative Dispute Resolution Centers and at the offices of other attorneys. Schedule your day with me and let me know where you would like for me to handle your family law mediation.

A Guardian ad Litem serves to represent your children’s best interests. If your children’s success and happiness is your goal, start with the services of an experienced Guardian ad Litem.

A Guardian ad Litem is a person appointed by a Court, usually through consent of both parents, and entrusted to investigate and make recommendations to parents, and ultimately to a Court about what parenting time and decision-making situation would best serve the children in the family. A Guardian ad Litem meets with and gets to know all parents and caregivers, performs home visits at the parents’ home where she interacts with the child(ren), talks with doctors, teachers, therapists, and friends and family members involved in the children’s lives, and reviews pleadings and any other documents provided by the parents or their lawyers. A Guardian ad Litem may also research various school, medical and psychological conditions or learning challenges, and any other issue that could impact the children in a particular case. Carrie has been a trained and active Guardian ad Litem since 2014. The vast majority of cases Carrie has made recommendations for have settled well before trial. However, in the event of a trial, Carrie is a seasoned advocate for children and has been subject to cross-examination many times.